Witch Doctor to the Rescue!


Brr brr brr BRR! (That’s my best written trumpet.)


My allergies have been heinous this last week. I haven’t been able to breathe, got the sneezes, itchy eyes, headache. I’m an all-around snotty-nosed mess. During my appointment on Saturday, my acupuncturist encouraged me to try tangerine peel as a remedy. He instructed me to soak the tangerines in salty water for 20 minutes to remove any chemicals or other harmful substances from the skin, remove the peel (reserving the inner fruit to eat or juice or whatever), and lay the peel out to dry. Once dry, I was to make a tea from it, and drink it 2-3 times a day. This, he said, is supposed to dry up the fluid built up and hanging around in my sinuses. So I did all the things. I had peel sitting out on the counter for days to get it nice and dry. Last night, I made the tea. He was a little vague on the actual tea-making details, so I free-styled it. I cut the dried peel up into small pieces and placed about a teaspoon in my Teavana tea maker (greatest invention ever) with boiling water to steep for a few minutes. The result tasted a little like rotten flowers (I could have mixed in some honey for a little better flavor, but I was lazy), but I woke up this morning with much clearer sinuses. I had a terrible sore throat all day yesterday, and it’s almost completely gone today. I just had my second cup of tea. I’m willing to endure the odd taste if it helps me feel like a normal person.


I see you, Witch Doctor. And I hear your words.

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