I’ve decided I need to take a break from a couple of things.


1. I need to break from baby blogging. A lot is happening right now, and I need to set up some boundaries. If I do get pregnant from our treatments, I’m not sure I want to blog about that right away. If I don’t, I’m not sure I’ll want to blog about that right away either. Not that a ton of people are reading this, but I feel like that will be pretty private. If I’m super gung-ho about blogging on every step of the process and then just stop because I don’t want to say whether or not I’m pregnant, that might be weird. So I’ll just take a break now and preempt the weirdness. I will say though that I can now inject myself like a boss.


2. I need to break from IT. Sigh. It’s actually not that scary right now, but I’m taking another work trip next week and simply can’t risk the lack of sleep I know will happen if I continue on with the book. I’m at page 732 now, so I’m making good progress and should be able to pick back up quickly mid-next week. I will finish! To switch things up a bit, I’m going to venture into (gulp) 50 Shades of Grey. I know. I’m embarrassed. I said I would never read it, but I’m feeling an odd sense of social responsibility, what with all the talk I’ve heard of women freaking out and the upcoming film. I liken it to Twilight. Gross. But I have to. I will not, however, bring myself to contribute to the degradation of our forests in this endeavor. That would be shameful. Instead, I’m downloading the audio book and will supplement mindless commute time with it.


I would like to report that I’m also making progress with my splits. I still have a long way to reach my goal, but I can straighten both legs in a pre-split position, leaving about a foot of space between my lady parts and the floor when I’m fully extended. Go me.

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