Sushi, Sake, and Ryan Gosling


Written March 17, 2014


So, my period came late yesterday. A day and a half late when I’m usually either a day or 2 early or exactly on time is a nasty little tease. Chris and I actually spent yesterday morning trying to figure out how to hide my pregnancy from our friends this weekend while we’re in NYC. Ouch. We really should know better. I haven’t broken down yet, but I can’t say I’m in the greatest place either. At least I’ll be able to enjoy a nice bottle of sake and sushi at our favorite NYC restaurant, Blue Ribbon.


Let’s talk a little bit about Blue Ribbon. First, it’s one of the best places we’ve ever eaten. EVER. We eat there whenever we visit NYC. They have the most amazing sushi. It’s always fresh and full of flavor. We go a little crazy and always order too much food and always with at least one bottle of unfiltered sake. It is also our hot spot for celebrity sightings, particularly during Thanksgiving weekend. 2 years ago, we saw Jesse Eisenberg. I, who gets embarrassingly star-struck, felt like I needed to talk to him. Chris, who always discourages my behavior (there was a particularly embarrassing situation involving Joseph Gordon Levitt, but that’s a story for another time), said that it was not okay for me to interrupt him at dinner.  We compromised, and I slipped him a note as we left the restaurant. It was a very nice note complimenting his performance in Zombieland. I was proud of myself. The next year, none other than Ryan Gosling happened to walk in looking like the coolest person ever as we were on our second bottle of sake. That one stunned me into silence. I kept my mouth shut so as not to die of embarrassment at saying something horrifying in his presence. I did, however, feel the need later (while slightly inebriated) to shout down the street at passersby something to the effect of, “You all don’t know about Ryan Gosling! He eats early, bitches!” (We ate at 5 PM. NYC restaurants get crowded around 8 PM. I felt like people needed to know.) Thankfully, Chris has a great sense of humor. I think he actually likes that story. He laughs whenever we tell people about my post-restaurant outburst. 🙂

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