An update on my physical and mental health:


1. The colonoscopy was perfect. There were no signs of any polyps or other disease. The doctor commented on how excellent my prep was (I had a weird sense of accomplishment at this, like I had just won some kind of award for the cleanest colon). He did take a few biopsies to rule out colitis, and I’ll have the results of those back soon. I have a follow up appointment in mid-August to see if there is anything further to be done about assessing and eliminating my GI symptoms, but I basically have a clean bill of health. This is great news, and I am very happy and relieved at the results.


2. I’m cool as a cucumber. My period came and went, and I feel good. I haven’t been sad, angry, annoyed, or any other of the typical things. I’m also making a point not to look at the calendar and plan out every second of my cycle. I’m just trying to have a life. Yay, me.


I’m sure part of my unusually cool temperament has to do with the fact that Chris and I just returned from 3 glorious days in Orlando. People say it, and it sounds cliche and stupid, but I firmly believe that Disney really is the happiest place on earth. It is magical. Like, for real. We’ve now been 3 years in a row. We like to visit Epcot now that we’re adults (because you know everyone hated that park as a kid) and can appreciate the chill vibe and all the drinks available for consumption throughout the world showcase. The Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios is pretty much the best ride of all time. And we make it a point to go to the Magic Kingdom at night to see the fireworks and light show. Tinkerbell, the music, the sentimental nostalgia of all the Disney classics – it just tugs at your heartstrings. If you’re there and don’t feel something, just go ahead and consider yourself dead inside.


What makes Orlando that much more incredible for us is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, which is the real reason for the now annual trip. The past 2 years, we’ve visited the Village of Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure. The first time I walked into that place, I just started crying. And Chris pretended he didn’t know who I was. Everything just looked so real. I essentially walked right into the pages of my favorite books, and I was completely overwhelmed. About 2 weeks ago, Universal opened up Diagon Alley. That was our primary destination this time, and it blew Hogsmeade out of the freaking water. It is Diagon Alley. You can eat at the Leaky Cauldron, open an account at Gringotts (and actually spend the money), eat ice cream in flavors like Clotted Cream and Earl Grey and Lavendar, ride the Hogwarts Express. You can buy a wand that does actual spells. I don’t care that I’m 34 and the median age of the interactive wand users was 12. I needed that wand pronto. And I did all the spells. I even impressed one wizard with my ability to do 2 very complicated spells on the first try. Please. I’m no first year.


I am AMAZED that I didn’t cry. I think I was in maybe some sort of high-functioning state of shock. I was on awesome overload that I can’t even properly describe the experience (and apparently write grammatically correct sentences). Instead, I’ll just share a few pictures of the best day. For those of you who don’t give a rip about Harry Potter, sorry I’m not sorry.


Gringotts Bank – That dragon breathes real fire!


 The Leaky Cauldron – I had the cottage pie and a Strongbow.


Knockturn Alley – Several shops and spells await, and it’s all dark all the time!


Hagrid’s (no but for real, Sirius’) motorbike – I am not ashamed.


And, of course, the Hogwarts Express.


Just livin the dream.

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