Joe Hill


I’ve made a fantastic new discovery: Joe Hill. Let’s just get this out of the way – Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King. When he decided to give professional writing a shot, he decided to go by a variation of his given name in order to make his way on his own and not on the power of his father’s name. Good idea. Although, if you see pictures of him, he basically is SK, so I’m not sure if he waited to do face-to-face interviews until after he got big or what. Anyway. Now that that’s done, we can talk about how fun and compelling a writer Joe Hill is.


Right, right. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Of course I like him as the son of my favorite author. Blah, blah, blah. He’s actually really awesome and a very different type of writer than his father. I recently finished one of his three novels, Horns. Oh. My. So spooky and fun. Horns is classified as Gothic Fiction. Yes. Perfect. The novel revolves around Ig Perrish, who, in his struggle to deal with the rape and murder of his girlfriend for which he has fallen under suspicion, makes a kind of deal with the devil. We never really find out what that deal is (which is completely fine, trust me), but Ig begins to manifest devilish symptoms, the most prominent of which is the appearance of horns growing out of the top of his head. As Ig begins to change, he also finds out a lot about the people and situations around him, which ultimately leads to the discovery of what really happened to his girlfriend. It’s a classic murder mystery mixed with elements of dark fantasy that make it incredibly interesting and engaging. I did think the story lost its way slightly when Ig shacked up with a mess of snakes and went on a religious, philosophical rant for almost a full chapter that I’m not sure is entirely relevant to the main story, but, hey, it’s okay. The book as a whole is very worth the read. And it’s great for the Halloween season. In fact, the movie version comes out on Halloween. And Dan Radcliffe is playing Ig. WHAT. So much yes.


I started another of Joe Hill’s books, Heart-Shaped Box, almost immediately following Horns. I’m having a hard time putting it down but forced myself to do so. This one is less fun, though equally as good. It’s a full-on ghost story. I don’t really eff with ghosts. As much as I loved watching horror movies back in the day, I had to stop a few years ago because they stuck with me so bad that I imagined and saw crazy things in weird places (mirrors…shudder) and couldn’t sleep at night. Paranormal Activity messed me up good. I didn’t sleep for three days. My biggest mistake was watching it right before traveling for work and having to sleep on my own in a hotel. NO. So I’m about to leave on a work trip to stay in the same hotel (where, for some reason, they insist on putting a random mirror with a desk chair directly under it across from the bed…they’re practically begging for a ghost to haunt me in the night), and I realized I just can’t have the boogie man following me around. So Heart-Shaped Box is on hold for the next week or so.


Completely off topic, but SK is coming to DC in a few weeks to speak on his new book, Revival, which will be released November 11th. I have tickets, and I’m beyond excited. Consider me a 12-year-old at a One Direction concert, because it might actually be that embarrassing.

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