IUI Meds = No Joke


My injection medication arrived today. I got the notice that a perishable package had arrived, so I went down to pick it up from the front desk. The box was much larger than I expected. I could easily pack and ship Lola in it. When I placed the order with the pharmacy, they told me there would be dry ice inside and that I would need to refrigerate it when I opened it. Okay, I thought, they packed it well. I figured I would find a cooler with medicine inside, a syringe, maybe an instruction booklet. This is what I found:


I had to stand on a step stool to get everything in one shot. There are 2 separate medications that need to be injected, about 15 syringes, all kinds of alcohol wipes, a biohazard container, and a bottle full of vaginal suppositories. Vaginal suppositories! (I threw in the bottle of wine for good measure because I’m going to need it to get through whatever I have to do with all of this stuff.) My little administration chart shows nothing about vaginal suppositories.¬†Needless to say, I freaked out and called the nurse.


Fortunately, she was able to quell my fears. She confirmed I just need to worry about the 1 injection med they already discussed with me that I need to take on Monday. Apparently, the pharmacy provides supplies in bulk to scare people (because injecting yourself with a foreign substance isn’t scary enough). All the other supplies will come into play after my next appointment, at which time I will receive further instruction regarding the vaginal suppositories, etc. For now, I need to read my booklet thoroughly and watch the instructional video posted on the clinic’s website about how to effectively self-inject. I’m pretty sure Chris will be doing the injecting. I can’t look. I think I’ll save the self-“injecting” for the suppositories.

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