IT’s Back for 2015


I’ve been on hiatus (i.e., lazy). November/early December is always a busy month for me at work because it’s performance review time. During this time, I spend the majority of each day reviewing feedback I’ve provided to or received on each of my staff against their goals for the year and working on formally documenting a comprehensive review that is both encouraging and truthful in terms of developmental needs and career growth aspirations. It’s a lot of work and a lot of writing. As I write, I try to take into account personalities and motivators for each recipient. I imagine how my comments will be received and what the face-to-face review meeting will be like. It’s exhausting. This year was no exception, and I found myself avoiding any sort of writing or really any contact with the computer after each work day was finished. Now that reviews are complete and I’ve almost made it through the holidays, it seemed like the right time to try to get back into the swing of things with a short post.


Though it’s not quite New Years, I’ve made my one resolution for 2015: I will finally read IT, fully and completely, without chickening out. This will be my third attempt.


I’ve already set myself to the task. I’m about 350 pages into the 1090-page epic. The length itself makes it a harrowing task. And I’ve chosen probably the most challenging format ever for the book. It’s a small (like tiny) hardcover, with thin, Bible-like pages printed in small font. The size makes it easy to tote around in just about any bag, though my perfect vision may be less-than when this is all over.  As for the horror factor, I’m just going to have to steel myself to it and push through, though the clown may be the death of me. I’ve already experienced my first night of waking up having to pee and being afraid to get out of bed because Pennywise was going to grab me from under the bed. This should be fun.

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