In Dreams


I’ve always had very vivid dreams. I remember as a kid having several dreams with the reoccurring theme of loss. Usually this involved me and my family being involved in some sort of disaster, most often a building fire (typically a church or school), and me searching in a panic for my youngest sister. I also distinctly remember being chased on multiple occasions. In one particularly troubling dream I had when I was about 12 or 13 (maybe younger, I’m not really sure), I was running through a rural field during a thunderstorm. I remember the grass being tall and hay-like. There was an old cattle fence that went on forever and a weathered barn far out in the field with a large tree nearby. I ran to the tree. I don’t know why. I may have been running past it to the barn for shelter. When I was very close to the tree, I looked up at it just as lightning struck in the distance, which illuminated the tree branches. Hanging upside down from the branches were men holding scythes. I remember feeling terrified (rightly so) and waking up. I still remember that dream so clearly. I can probably thank my dad’s obsession with Stephen King (by that point passed on to me) and my mom’s affinity for horror movies (we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street together when I was 8) for that one. Too much Children of the Corn does not a sound night of sleep make.


As I’ve gotten older, my dreams have tended to become somewhat more practical in their mode of terror. Things like missing classes or exams plagued me in high school and college. I had bizarre dreams leading up to my wedding, one of which culminated in me and Chris getting married in a Starbucks with me in a dress that looked like something out of Swan Lake, feathers and all. I’ve had A LOT of dreams where I trip on something, face-plant, and shatter my top front teeth. Oddly enough, I found myself on Saturday evening in a conversation regarding dream interpretation with someone I had just met. She seemed to think that the teeth thing had something to do with money. She couldn’t tell me if it was good or bad. I was hoping good. I googled “teeth dreams,” which returned an interesting list of results. Apparently, dreams about lost and broken teeth can mean anything from fear of losing money and abandonment to addressing the need to fix a broken situation in your life. Well, darn.  


Last night, I had one of the more disturbing dreams I’ve had in some time. I can’t remember the full sequence of events; however, I know at some point I was kayaking in a bog or marsh of some kind with at least 2 other unidentified people. We were looking for something that felt very dark and dangerous. We didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, but we did see a kind of whirlpool area in the water that seemed significant and troubling. It was all very True Detective. After the kayak, I was alone in my parents’ house feeling anxious. The dogs were there and acting funny, like they could feel the same weirdness I was feeling. I walked into one of the bedrooms on the first floor to find Lena Dunham sitting on the floor facing away from me with the TV on in full Poltergeist mode. That’s about the time I decided to get the heck out of there. I attempted to gather the dogs but kept losing one just as I managed to get the other one in the car. When I finally had them both secured and started to drive away, I noticed that my cell phone had no service until I reached the end of my parents’ street. Once I made it out of the sinister cloud hovering over my parents’ house that was obviously creating an alternate universe wherein classic horror films and modern dark comedic television shows collide, I promptly called Amy Adams (the local law enforcement, of course) to report the disturbance.


I’m sure at this point you’re asking yourself what is wrong with me. Welcome to my world, my friend.

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  2. Dana Bobik
    Apr 7, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    I didn’t mean to like my own post. Guh. I continue to prove my non-tech skills.

  3. Ruth Key
    Apr 7, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Lean Dunham as the girl from Poltergeist and Amy Adams as intelligent law enforcement officer? Perfect casting. We may need you as a consultant 🙂

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