Having Twins is Like Being Joseph Gordon-Levitt


A long while back, I briefly mentioned a horrifying encounter I had with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (furthermore to be referred to as JGL). The following is the retelling of that encounter. *shudder*


Chris and I decide to grab dinner at one of our regular restaurants within walking distance to our place in DC. As we wait for our table, Chris says to me casually, “Don’t look, but that’s the guy from Inception.” I, of course, turn my entire body with reckless abandon and shout, “Where?” Sitting just in front of us was JGL, enjoying what should have been a nice, eventless evening with one of his friends. I attempt shamelessly to make eye contact. Chris suggests we go wait for our table outside because I’m being awkward. As we wait outside, I pace back and forth saying, “I’m going to talk to him.” Chris tries to discourage me. As we walk back in and the hostess escorts us to our table, fate brings me face-to-face with JGL as he returns from the bathroom. Without introduction or any semblance of politeness, I say, “Can I get a picture with you?” JGL shrugs at me and says, “It’s kind of a crowded place, and I don’t want to draw attention so…” Seeing the disappointment on my face, the fact that I’m not making any efforts to move along, and being the kind and generous person that he is, he holds out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Joe.” I shake his hand, tell him my name is Dana, and abruptly turn and walk away without another word.




How does this relate to having twins? It doesn’t really. But I do have a much greater appreciation for how someone like him might feel when he goes out. I know now that any time I take the girls out with me in public, I will talk to at least two perfect strangers. I try to keep my head down and not make eye contact with people, but it’s inevitable. Twins attract attention. Some people are perfectly nice and respectful. They may compliment the girls or share a personal twin story that leads us to further, pleasant conversation. I also frequently get those who pass by with comments I’ve heard a hundred times: “Boy, you’ve got your hands full!” or “Double trouble!” In these instances, I just half smile and go on about my business. Then there are those who, like me in the case above, have no social awareness. They weirdly approach, ask a somewhat inappropriate question, and linger. I had a woman approach me while I was at lunch one day to confirm the girls were twins only then to proceed to stand next to my table and watch me attempt to both eat and try to settle the girls who were starting to get cranky in the stroller. I had to side-eye her several times before she got the hint that she was being creepy.


I’m not saying I’m the creep in my story. But I’m also not saying I’m not the creep. (I’m the creep.) Anyway, the moral of the story is that I will think very carefully about approaching any celebrities I may encounter in the future.

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