Harry Potter and the Pee Sticks


Written March 27, 2014



We spent this past weekend celebrating the 30th birthday of my best friend, Ruth. Ruth is from London. We met through a friend a few years ago at a housewarming party, immediately hit it off, and have maintained an amazing long-distance friendship ever since (there is a lot more to that story, and we will definitely revisit at a later date). Aside from her amazing sense of humor and the ability to handle and quick-wittedly reply to Chris’ intense hazing through personal questions (also to be addressed later), Ruth is a Harry Potter fan (as all good Londoners are).  Have I mentioned my obsession with Harry Potter? Well, I’m obsessed. Like, read all the books 5 times, seen the movies countless times, have a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows obsessed. Did I also mention that Ruth worked on the last 3 HP films??? Yes, we hit it off immediately. You should also know that Ruth is an incredibly thoughtful person. My birthday was a month prior, so, during her birthday brunch on Sunday, she gave me one of the biggest surprises of my life – a birthday card addressed to me and signed by Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter himself. What?! Who does that??? Amazing. And the look of joy on her face at making my day when we were in fact there to celebrate her – double amazing.




So, now, after a wonderful, booze-filled, celebratory weekend in NYC, it’s officially that time again. I’m pee stick central. Yesterday morning, I got a moderately positive result for ovulation, so I chased Chris around the house and dreaded sex all day. We made it happen! I felt good about sleeping with my butt propped up on a pillow (only figuratively, because sleeping in that position is NOT comfortable). From what I’ve read, 15 minutes is all you need to ensure the little guys have made it to the appropriate destination. But, let’s face it, I can’t be bothered to stay awake for 15 minutes and am usually asleep within 30 seconds. So I woke up about 4 hours later with a neck cramp and terribly full bladder. It’s all so glamorous! This morning, I obediently peed on my stick to basically no result. Um…what? What happened to my strong double line? Does that mean yesterday was it? Is it coming back? Ugh.

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